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[minti_headline font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]Hey there, Go-getter.[/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#999999″ weight=”fontweight-400″ align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 60px 0″]Welcome to the ICY ACADEMY. An online interactive platform that teaches women entrepreneurs easy steps to doing the “thing” that is their purpose in a fun and authentic way where they really get to help people, and joyfully make money doing it. I’ve created this “let’s-get-it-done” program to help women activate their purpose using easy to implement public relation, income generating and marketing strategies needed to create and launch a thriving personal brand.
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Our mission at team ICY is to support you in stepping into “that purpose” that is uniquely yours so that you can help the people you were designed to help, doing what you love and building wealth while you’re at it.


If you’re a new business owner or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, you officially have your ICY cheer-leading team to help you step FULLY into your calling, have fun while you’re at it, helping the world and thriving.


We believe that stepping FULLY into your purpose, can transform your life and positively change the world. It is our purpose to cheer and coach you to step into yours, so we can change the world together.

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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]The Problem[/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#999999″ weight=”fontweight-400″ margin=”0 0 60px 0″]There are over 1/4 quarter million (250,000+) searches on the word personal branding on google, per year. So, you decide you want to start doing that “thing” that you feel like is your calling, or a new business, you have no clue where to start, what you need and what really matters. You do months of research, listen to many experts, spend thousands of dollars and you suddenly get information fatigue and feel overwhelmed.

“Personal Branding Is A Leadership Requirement, Not a Self-Promotion Campaign.”- Glenn Llopis, Forbes magazine

Imagine this…you, freely doing what you are here on this earth to do and loving it, helping people with your gift, talent and abilities and creating financial freedom for you and your family. We have that life, and so do the many men and women we work with. Here is an open invitation to test it out.[/minti_headline]

[minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxxxxl” color=”#29baec” weight=”fontweight-400″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0″]A SIMPLE SOLUTION[/minti_headline]

to start doing that “thing” that is your purpose in a fun and authentic way where you get to help people, and joyfully make money doing it?

If you are, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to the ICY ACADEMY Branding MASTERCLASS: How to Create an Authentic, Fun and Purposeful Brand That Will Make You More Profits in 7 Easy Steps.

[minti_button link=”https://www.icyacademy.com/bmc-premier-full/” icon=”fa-chevron-right” appear=”true” color=”color-8″ size=”large”]SIGN ME UP ALREADY![/minti_button]
[minti_image img=”15659″ lightbox=”2″ url=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” align=”center” hover=”image_greyscale” animation=”fade-in-from-top”]
[minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxxxxl” color=”#29baec” weight=”fontweight-400″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0″]WHAT IS THE BRANDING MASTERCLASS?[/minti_headline]

Branding Masterclass is an online signature program created to teach you how to create an authentic, fun and purposeful brand that will make you more profits in 7 easy steps. It’s a “let’s-get-it-done” program to help you activate your purpose using easy public relation techniques, effective income building and marketing strategies needed to create and launch a thriving personal brand. You master how to Build a Business That is Recognized In The Market Place to Attract Your Ideal Clients, using branding secrets that position you to help people, and make money

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[minti_headline font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xl” color=”#30307c”]What she’s saying about the Branding Masterclass[/minti_headline][minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”Known with a reputation for delivering exceptional results when it comes to purposeful branding, Yetunde Shorters came highly recommended as I was searching for guidance in building my brand… the significance of each step from identifying your purpose, your selling point, to logo design, color schemes, website design, social media engagement, and much more. Yetunde’s professionalism and commitment in bringing my vision and brand to life has been outstanding. This process has definitely been a positively life-changing experience.” author_1=”Eva Toby, Bestselling Author, TV Host” testimonial_2=”…with her creativity and PR skills, she delivered something that was above and beyond my expectations. I appreciate her attention to detail and her willingness to perfect my brand along with seeing it through successfully. I’ve recommended Yetunde to several others.” author_2=” Yinka Rufai, Fortune 500 Actuary, Motivational Speaker” testimonial_3=”When it comes to personal branding, Yetunde sure knows her onions. Her professionalism, attention to details and creativity makes her exceptional at what she does. She’s good at listening attentively and has worked with me in creating other personal branding needs. I’m so glad social media connected us, it seems like we’ve known each other much longer. I will recommend her services to anyone who wants the best without compromise. ” author_3=”Nina Ijere-Otuka, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist” testimonial_4=”…I have never been more happier to know I can close my eyes and hand my brand over to her and trust that she will go above and beyond to make my brand look superb. I just start talking about what I want to do and she runs with it. Ideas already popping up in her mind. She can see the brand farther then the client. What makes her amazing is she is passionate about what she does. Her clients becomes her babies per say. She’s always feeding us information to help us to continue to grow our brand. ” author_4=”Donata Joseph, Holistic Entrepreneur”][minti_image img=”15659″ lightbox=”2″ url=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” align=”center” hover=”image_greyscale” animation=”fade-in-from-top”]
[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#29baec” transform=”transform-uppercase”]BRANDING MASTERCLASS GRADS[/minti_headline]
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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#ffffff” align=”align-left”]The ICY ACADEMY Branding Master class will help you step fully into your purpose so that you can help people doing what you’ve been created to do and build significant income.[/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-s” color=”#30307c” align=”align-left”]This Masterclass includes 7 result driven modules with videos, funsheets, a carefully curated list of resources, interviews with industry experts and a private network to connect with incredible women just like you. The ICY ACADEMY Branding Masterclass is an experience designed to support you in sharing your best self with the world. Below are the core lessons you’ll learn. Do review to make sure this program is the right one for you.[/minti_headline][minti_image img=”15659″ lightbox=”2″ url=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” align=”center” hover=”image_greyscale” animation=”fade-in-from-top”]
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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#29baec” transform=”transform-uppercase”]WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?[/minti_headline]

Elements-1-branding-Master-Class-Element-OthersMODULE # 1 ELEMENT: SPACE – PURPOSE CLARITY

  • 90 minutes group-session to dig deep into your purpose
  • 3 Powerful steps to Identify your purpose
  • Develop a complete analysis of your ideal client
    • What do they want?
    • What frustrates them?
    • How does my purpose alleviate that frustration?
    • Where do they hang out and how can I reach them?
    • How to satisfy your ideal clients by giving them what they want, while helping them with what they need.
  • Create a brand statement that is authentic to you, that embodies your values & how they connect to your “ideal client’s emotions
  • Understanding your transformational power and how to activate it anytime






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Elements-2-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 2 ELEMENT: YOU – CAPTURING THE BEST YOU

  • How to capture your authentic and best self through digital media
  • How to tell your story with a premium photo-shoot
    • What picture poses attract and engage your ideal clients
    • Image apps to help you tell visually effective stories with images that grow your fan base
  • Ways to use video to engage your ideal clients and share your purpose
  • Video tools to maximize your impact with video blogging
  • Tool 1
  • Tool 2
  • Tool 3
  • How to obtain a versatile wardrobe, full of clothes you love that represent the best you and attract your ideal clients that convert to profit.
  • The experience of a coaching session with an expert, giving guidance and strategies for attaining a style that gains you instant credibility in the world.


Elements-3-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 3 ELEMENT: EARTH – THE “PERFECT” LOGO

  • How to design a visual “brand” image that is right for you
  • Discover the brand color that attracts your ideal client
  • How to choose the right font for your message and ideal audience
  • A list of design elements you need for your personal brand
  • Understanding the solution you provide to your clients and connecting to the various design styles that reflect their desired result.
  • How to decide on the type of logo that works best for your message.
  • How to talk to your graphic designer about the logo that speaks to your ideal client


Elements-4-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 4 ELEMENT: WATER – HOW TO WRITE GREAT COPY

  • Learn to tell your story in a captivating way
    • How to compose your perfect biography and feel good about it
  • The science to a phenomenal advertising/sales copy
    • Why advertising is a necessity for your purpose.
    • How to Create Your Power slogan
    • The 7 things you need for a killer sales page.
    • What buzzwords to use to encourage ideal client engagement and sales
    • How to develop copy that connects and converts with personality
      • Storytelling
      • Attitude (be rude, pushy, quirky)
    • How to tap into emotions that move people
  • A list of the key copy documents you need and why you need them
  • The power of headlines and graphs (turn words side ways and see your graph) in your copy
  • Why Your Titles should have your keywords

Elements-5-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 5 ELEMENT: FIRE – PUBLIC RELATIONS

  • Understanding how publicity and marketing can impact your ideal clients
  • 3 reasons personal brands fail in marketing
    • No clear goals (know the what, so you can focus on the how to get to it)
    • Information overload can waste your time. TIME OUT
    • No system to accomplish your goal
    • How to think outside the box to market your purpose
  • How to create a marketing funnel that gets results
  • What is NICHE marketing and why it is your money maker
  • 3 sure fire marketing strategies to help you build profits
    • Joint ventures
    • Referral Business
    • Work for free
  • Design and activate a result driven PR/Marketing plan
    • Viral campaigns-How to develop a purposeful campaign that is effective and can go viral
    • List Building- Learn how to build your 3 key lists that will help you gain more influence and grow profits
      • Power List
      • Wish List
      • Tribe List
    • Promotions- How to create a cohesive collection of promotional collateral that makes your purpose clear
  • 7 Secrets to using public relations to grow your purposeful brand
  • 3 key strategies on how to contact the media and spread the world about your purpose consistently.
    • Strategy 1
    • Strategy 2
    • Strategy 3


Elements-6-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 6 ELEMENT: AIR – SOCIAL MEDIA POWER

  • The social power of your website
  • The 7 things every website must have
  • Develop a social media plan that is perfect for your ideal client and builds you profits
    • Choosing the top 3 social media platforms that will get you results
    • The top 7 social media tools to help you grow your list by thousands, quickly.
    • Understand the pros and cons of 7 of the major social media platforms
  • Learn how to create a simple social media strategy to save time
    • How to automate social media so you can focus on building your purposeful brand
    • How to optimize your social media etiquette to help you be SEO powerful
    • Re-purposing your content for engagement to grow
  • Marketing opportunities in social media and when to use them for engagement and sales
  • How to use Facebook to increase your list and build profits
  • Instagram/Periscope Giveaways
  • Twitter Chat
  • Google Hangout
  • Blogging
  • 26 Topic development
  • How to optimize your blog
  • The power of Google search titles




Elements-7-branding-Master-ClassMODULE # 7 ELEMENT: METAL – MONEY MATTERS

  • Understanding the business of your brand (3 P’s= Price, PRO, Power)
    • How to price your expertise and know your worth
    • Why you are already the perfect sales PRO
    • The power of automation to build passive income
  • Top 7 ways to build profits
    • Signature Systems
    • Writing a book
    • Selling products
    • Joint Ventures
    • Paid Expert/Speaker
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Membership Profits.
  • Exclusive video interviews with entrepreneurs who have used these methods



  • How to develop a launch plan
    • Meeting your top 3 launch goals
      • How to use results for success
    • Check list of all you need to launch
  • How to create a 14-day social media launch plan (pre-launch-post)
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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]YOUR PURPOSE COACH YETUNDE SHORTRERS [/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#999999″ weight=”fontweight-400″ align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 60px 0″]Serial Entrepreneur, International Publicist, Founder of ICY ACADEMY[/minti_headline]

With over 15 years of experience securing publicity for multiple Grammy Award Winning Artists, International Celebrities and branding 300+ small business owners, connecting Purpose to Prosperity is my gift. I am a cheerleader for women entrepreneurs. I support women in discovering their purpose, so that they can do what they love, while helping others in a way that creates financial freedom for them and their families.

Working with me gives you access to my network of experts. Together, we share with you the exact steps required to create and launch a successful personal brand that is authentic, fun and profitable.

I am a branding professional, a former model and professional graphic artist. My personal brand has been featured on Elle, CBS, New African Woman, Zen Magazine and more. I am a 3 time Amazon bestselling author, host of the cooking show Afropolitan Chef on REDTV, and the mastermind behind ICY ACADEMY: an online platform designed to help entrepreneurs live their purpose, help others and build profits.

Through my partnership with ADHD Foundation, I work year round to mentor young girls on living their best life and enjoying their journey as leaders of our future.

I say all this to let you know that you are in experienced and successful hands. I look forward to you experiencing the programs and being fully prepared to launch your purpose, more energized and more able to make your dreams reality.












Get Results

You get a clearer understanding of what you need to get started and it takes the pressure off, so you can get to the business of your purpose.

Save Time

How may hours do you spend researching and deciding on how to make income with what you love? The ICY ACADEMY Signature Program includes simple language and easy methods that instantly eliminate time-wasting.

Help Others

With our Branding Masterclass, you get the opportunity to maximize how you can help others, doing what you love that is on purpose, in a way that makes money for you and your family. How awesome is that?  You will learn who your target audience is, where to find them and how to reach them. You’ll learn what to charge, what products and services to develop around your purpose to bring in income that you have always dreamed of.

Productivity Resources

You will have access to a industry/ productivity resource that offers creative, engaging and impactful solutions to help support your purpose.

[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#29baec” transform=”transform-uppercase”]IT’s A WIN, WIN[/minti_headline][minti_image img=”17469″ align=”center” animation=”fade-in-from-bottom”][minti_image img=”15659″ lightbox=”2″ url=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” align=”center” hover=”image_greyscale” animation=”fade-in-from-top”]
Make Money

You will learn sure-fire ways to help you build revenue. The truth is, it is now easier than ever to build wealth and live on purpose. Because when you live on purpose, it opens up your opportunities to grow wealth and live a life and lifestyle you desire.

Universal Application

You will learn simple and effective strategies that you can apply to any part of your life, to help you get the clarity you need and the results you desire. The trans-formative power of “KNOW HOW” is a mind-set you’ll master with the Branding Masterclass.


When you join the Branding Masterclass, you access a network of like-minded, inspired, empowered and motivated go-getters like you, who sincerely thrive on growing, supporting and encouraging each other to success. You will have exclusive access to industry experts who will share incredible knowledge and “know how” with you. These experts thrive on seeing you succeed.

Exclusive Interviews

We handpicked and curated exclusive interviews for you, with incredible women that have been where you are and are progressing. These interviews are exclusive to you in this program and will not be available anywhere else.

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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]TOOLS I NEED.[/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#999999″ weight=”fontweight-400″ margin=”0 0 60px 0″]As an online course, the ICY ACADEMY Branding Masterclass can be taken at anytime, from anywhere in the world. You will have access to videos curated to provide valuable information in bite-size digestible format, easy to understand fun-sheets to go from idea to vision. A Purposeful Owner Maps (POM) to get you to success in 7 easy steps. Weekly live Periscopes, live hangouts, Access to the Exclusive private entrepreneurs lounge to connect with powerful minds discussions and Q & A to activate the required steps. For 365 days you engage your best self to get you where you desire to be.[/minti_headline]
[minti_iconbox iconimg=”15711″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”1. You” textcolor=”dark”]A commitment to your success if your choice. The number one tool you’ll need is you, coming with an open mind to explore your awesomeness, so that you can get to the business of helping people and making that money.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox iconimg=”15708″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”2. Device” textcolor=”dark”]You’ll need access to a computer. Your phone, ipad, and desktop all operate with computer access. With a mobile device and internet access, you can log in and get started.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox iconimg=”15710″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”3. Notebook” textcolor=”dark”]There is power in physically writing things down. Statistics show people who write down their goals have over 80% higher success rate of achieving them. Get a note pad, we’ll be writing for your success.[/minti_iconbox]
[minti_iconbox icon=”sl-rocket” iconimg=”15709″ style=”3″ iconcolor=”greyscale” title=”4. Fun” textcolor=”dark”]Fun is a requirement. We thrive on fun here.  We look forward to the “fun you” joining other go-getters. We are intentional about tapping into the collective energy of a powerful positive space to transform our lives.[/minti_iconbox]
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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” weight=”fontweight-400″ transform=”transform-uppercase”]BRANDING MASTERCLASS IS FOR YOU IF:[/minti_headline]
    • You KNOW it’s time to step FULLY into your purpose


    • You are ready to start making a profitable living helping people


    • You are just getting started and want a shortcut to the strategies that will get results


    • You are ready to build a business that is recognized in the market place to attract your ideal clients


    • You are ready to learn time management productivity hacks to run your business with time to spare to do what you love, help people and make money


    • You feel overwhelmed by the many different branding strategies out there and want to learn ONE formula that works


    • You are interested in learning how to build a powerful personal brand so that you can make income while you sleep


    • You are ready to go from living life in black and white to living life in full color
[minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxxxxl” color=”#29baec” weight=”fontweight-400″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0″]WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I NEED HELP?[/minti_headline]

ICY ACADEMY LoungeAs a member of the Branding Masterclass private lounge, you’ll be able to post questions to the lounge and share with other Go-getters. We work together at team ICY so you’ll always have a squad-mate there to support you.

The A CenterThe A Center (on the membership site) is available and full of answers to questions from fellow Go-getters. Chances are many of the technical questions about the Branding Masterclass will be in here.

Weekly LIVE Q & A – There will host a weekly live Q & A sessions available to Go-getters in the program for the duration of the program. Yetunde and her team of experts will be available  for 60 minutes each week to answer your questions live. If you experience any technical issues or require any assistance, please email contact@icyacademy, Subject: Q&A. We look forward to taking care of you. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday, from 10am – 3pm EST.

[minti_button link=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” icon=”fa-chevron-right” appear=”true” color=”color-8″ size=”large”]PLEASE SIGN ME UP![/minti_button]
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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#30307c”]ANY GUARANTEES?
Yes, there is a money back guarantee[/minti_headline]
I have dedicated the last few years to making this one of the simplest and fulfilling brand activation programs available. Doing this for 15+ years. It works. I figured out and used this formula to build 300+successful purpose driven brands in the last 10 years, including my own.
It is our mission to help you create and package your purpose so that you can live a trans-formative, fulfilling and financially able life, for you and those you love.
However, if you’re thinking hard…or if other branding programs have turned you into a total skeptic, then we want to give you every opportunity to invest and execute with confidence.
That’s why we are offering you 15-days money back guaranteed. If you go through the simple step-by-step sequence, execute the projection plans, and feel we did not the deliver on our commitment to the Branding Masterclass, we’ll whole-heartedly refund your full payment.
We want you to experience results with your purchase but we also need to know you gave it your best effort to apply all of the strategies in this Branding Masterclass. In order to qualify for a refund you must submit all proof that you did the work in the course within 15 days. (fun-sheets, strategy maps, lesson from our experts etc.) and it did not work for you.

<<View full refund policy>>

[minti_headline type=”div” font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxxxxl” color=”#29baec” weight=”fontweight-400″ lineheight=”lh-12″ transform=”transform-uppercase” align=”align-left” margin=”0″]WHAT IS MY INVESTMENT?[/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#999999″ align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 50px 0″]It’s time to invest in your purpose, and Branding Masterclass is the program that you should be using to help you build more profits, while helping the people you were designed to support.

Your investment in the Branding Masterclass is $999. A premier price for a limited time (Sep. 30.). Pay in full and save over $400 or make 4 easy payments of $300. Regular price is $1,399 .

[minti_button link=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” icon=”fa-chevron-right” appear=”true” color=”color-3″ size=”large”]PAY IN FULL![/minti_button][minti_button link=”https://www.icyacademy.com/enroll” icon=”fa-chevron-right” appear=”true” color=”color-3″ size=”large”]PAY IN FULL! – IN AFRICA[/minti_button][minti_spacer][minti_button link=”https://www.icyacademy.com/enroll” icon=”fa-chevron-right” appear=”true” color=”color-8″ size=”large”]PAYMENT PLAN[/minti_button]
[minti_image img=”15659″ lightbox=”2″ url=”https://icyacademy.samcart.com/products/branding-masterclass/” align=”center” hover=”image_greyscale” animation=”fade-in-from-top”]
[minti_spacer height=”100″][minti_spacer][minti_spacer][minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-xxl” color=”#29baec” transform=”transform-uppercase”]STEP FULLY INTO YOUT PURPOSE![/minti_headline][minti_headline type=”div” size=”fontsize-m” color=”#3a3a3a” margin=”0 0 60px 0″]We believe that stepping FULLY into your purpose, can transform your life and positively change the world[/minti_headline]

Like more information on Yetunde Shorters’s, Branding Masterclass? Type in your contact information below.

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