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“Yes, Yetunde. I am ready to STEP FULLY into my purpose, so I can do what I love, help people with my gifts, talents and abilities and make money, UNAPOLOGETICALLY doing it. It’s time to do what I was created for, help people and create financial freedom for myself and my family.”


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what purpose +authenticity + fun + profit looks like

  • My branding has changed tremendously from when I started to now. People always ask me “who is behind your whole concept and re-brand?”… If you really want the best, and you want to see your brand elevated to the next level and you want quality that will show; as God is my witness, sign up for the ICY ACADEMY- BRANDING MASTERCLASS and that is coming from the heart. I became a bestselling author because of it.

    Eva Toby
    Eva Toby Bestselling author, TV host, MBA
  • I had no clue about branding. What to think, how to think to really put myself in the mind of my customer so that they can relate with my product, through my branding. After going through the Branding MASTERCLASS it has elevated my brand tremendously. I have been able to put my products in boutique stores, I feel comfortable with my packaging and I am proud of my brand. It’s all due to ICY ACADEMY.

    Donata Joseph
    Donata Joseph Founder of ADHD Foundation/Donata Co.

A few Benefits of the Branding Masterclass

  • You get CLARITY OF PURPOSE, so you can focus
  • How to attract your ideal clients who will pay you for the value of your services without questions
  • The opportunity to maximize how you can HELP OTHERS, doing what you love that is on purpose
  • You will learn 7 sure-fire ways to BUILD PROFITS with you purpose, UNAPOLOGETICALLY
  • and so much more…
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