My mother always taught me that there is always a solution. Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the program and modules. We will also be saving our weekly live Q & A’s so that you can reference questions asked by fellow go-getters going through the same thing you are.

Q. What is ICY ACADEMY? +

A. ICY ACADEMY is an, online interactive platform that teaches women entrepreneurs through various programs, easy steps to create a purposeful, fun and authentic brand with results-driven strategies to help them build profits for themselves and their families. I’ve created my signature program THE BRANDING MASTERCLASS for go-getters to help women unlock their purpose using easy public relation techniques and effective income generation and marketing strategies needed to create and launch a thriving personal brand or business. You get to share your authentic self with the world in a way that gives value and leaves you joyful with money in the bank.


A. The Personal Branding MASTERCLASS is the ICY ACADEMY signature program that is focused on setting up personal brands designed to support Multi-passionate and creative entrepreneurs. This signature program, consists of 7 modules and a bonus course that teaches every student how to launch like of STAR.


A. The ICY ACADEMY Branding Masterclass program will run every 30 days. Each enrollment takes 30 days to complete. The program has 7 modules and a bonus module that will be delivered every 3-4 days. Go-getters on a payment plan will get content dripped to them according to current payment made.

Q. What complimentary tools do I get access to for promotions? +

A. When we pre-launch, we offer a 3-part video series called Purpose to Profit formula that is focused on providing value that converts almost immediately. With a quality production, and fun-sheets that require actionable steps, our 3-part video series come with bonuses that are valued at over $350 for pre-launch content, we’re doing what we’re known for best – highly actionable, useful content with high-end video production. We often hear that our free video trainings provide more value than some paid programs.

Q. What is the refund policy for the program? +

A. The refund policy for the ICY ACADEMY BRANDING MASTERCLASS is that, all refunds request are valid 15 days before classes begin. Due to the nature of the product, all sales are final and there are no refunds on digital items. This course and it’s documents are part of “the product” and once go-getters have downloaded them, they can not be returned. It’s a digital product, it can not be treated the same way as returning an item at the store or food at a restaurant. Information comes with it’s own power. Access to the product (video, fun-sheets, audio) is access to content that gets results. We hope our go-getters understand and accept the value of the information they get access to using.

Q. Can I access this content from Antartica? +

You can access the course from anywhere in the world. All you need is a mobile device and high-speed internet access.

Q. Can I get more one-on-one time with ICY? +

Once you sign-up for the ICY ACADEMY signature program it works at your pace in a 30-days cycle. Yes, you can request one-on-one time simply log on to www.icyacademy.com/ to reserve a consultation.

Q. So how do I get that media feature now that I have graduated? +

A. Now that you have graduated and would like to be featured in the press. Send an email to support@icyacademy.com to sign up for Media Spotlight and get your brand before thousands of potential customers.

Q. Are there any legal documents you require? +

A. Yes, we will require at the end of the year that you fill outs a 1099 or W-9. For any commission over $500, we have to report it to the IRS. All 1099’s and W-9’s will be sent to you to fill out on the last day of the last launch of the year. All forms must be returned before December 15th of that year.