The element of WATER is about the content that wets the appetite for your brand. Words are powerful. In this course, you will develop all the top creative content needed to launch a purposeful brand. Content is Queen. Creative Content keeps the Queen as ruler. You’ll learn how to develop copy that is emotive and effective for your brand and the people you’ll be serving.


  • Learn to tell your story in a captivating way
  • Compose your perfect biography and feel good about it
  • Learn the science behind to a phenomenal advertising copy
  • Why advertising is a necessity for your purpose
  • How to create your power slogan
  • The 7 things you need for a killer sales page
  • What buzzwords to use that trigger engagement and sales
  • A list of the key copy documents you need and why you need them
  • The power of headlines and graphs in your copy
  • How to develop copy that connects and converts
  • How to tap into emotions that move people
  • Why your titles should contain your keywords
  • Develop blog topics or video content you can use to gain a six-month head start