The most intensive course in the program, the element of fire is about spreading the word about your gift/talent/ability so that you can help more people. This course focuses on publicity and marketing and how to reach millions and get the media to love you.


  • Understanding how publicity and marketing can impact your platinum clients
  • 3 Marketing reasons personal brands fail
  • How to choose the right journalist for your brand
  • How to engage the media to build solid relationships
  • How to think outside the box to market your purpose
  • What a pitch is and how to pitch perfectly
  • What NICHE marketing is and why it is your money maker
  • 3 sure-fire Marketing strategies to help you build profits

          Joint ventures

          Referral Business

          Work for free

  • Design and activate a results-driven PR/marketing plan
  • 7 PR tools every entrepreneur should utilize for their personal brand
  • Learn how to build your 5 key lists for maximum influence and publicity

          Power List

          Family List

          Entrepreneur Circle List

          Wish List

          Tribe List

  • How to create a cohesive collection of promotional collateral
  • 7 secrets to using public relations to grow your purposeful brand
  • 3 key strategies on how to contact the media and consistently spread the word
  • How to use publicity to attract platinum clients