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One-on-one Session: 90 minutes

Purpose Brand Session

A brand session identifies what you’re the best at that can help the world, and recommended ways to package that gift, talent or ability to create financial freedom for you and your family. A purpose brand session is a 90-minutes intensive brand clarity review with me (Yetunde Shorters), where I delve deep into your purpose discovery by providing brand clarity, evaluation and analysis to help you get clear on your purpose. It helps verify the type of person you should be helping and how to reach thousands of that type of person and how to build a business around what you're designed for that is recognized in the market place to attract your ideal clients. It ends with a brand statement that encompasses your values and how it support others in a way that builds profits.

What you'll need

For a one-on one-session, I only ask for 3 things.

1. An open, sincere mind

2. A notebook and pen

3. A cup of water

Why is it time for this session?

This session is conducted by a fellow entrepreneur who understands what it means to live on purpose on a daily basis. As a result, there’s no fluff and you leave with a highly actionable plan. We can have the session in person or online via skype. This process was custom designed by me working with a genius for a process that puts you on the path for incredible results. Through 15+ years of working with over 100 Artists including Grammy Award, MTV award winning artists and over 300 entrepreneurs in the past 10 years, I guarantee that you will never find this kind of process anywhere else.

I believe stepping fully into your purpose can transform your life, and positively change the world!

What you get.

• 90 minutes of powerful yet simple, purpose clarity development
• The root of your purpose
• Power words to develop your brand for the next 10 years
• Your "TED talk" story

What are the benefits to you

  • Identify where your purpose comes from and get clear on it
  • Understand how your gift can help others
  • Identify the exact type of person you're designed to help with your purpose
  • Knowing the exact emotions that will attract the type of people you're designed to help
  • Develop a list of services you can offer hundreds of people like the person above so they pay you without questions
  • Develop a brand statement that represents the best you
  • Understand the IRRESISTABLE offer you can provide to the people you are designed to support
  • Accepting the power of your purpose to help people and make YOU profit

“Coming up with the personal branding statement - and realizing how different it was from how I would previously have described myself - was a huge eye opener for me and incredibly satisfying. I would absolutely recommend the brand session for anyone trying to supercharge their personal brand and elevate it to another level.”

Chris Neumann
Chris Neumann Founder- DataHero - Tech Entrepreneur- Silicon Valley

“My thoughts are more confident and I feel motivated as a result of the session. It is so easy to get sidetracked and confused in this clutter of trying to identify your purpose or next steps. The session helps clarifying things in an easy yet impactful way...Through this exercise I’ve also been able to back track and identify why I enjoy certain things or dislike other things.”

Edwina Kulego
Edwina Kulego International Business Development @ UBM Fashion Group

“I totally valued the time it afforded me to do nothing but think deeper about my purpose and put to paper a more clearly defined message that I want to pass on about my brand. I will recommend this process to others because of the clarity it brings to ones purpose”

Nina Ijere Otuka
Nina Ijere Otuka Business Entrepreneur/Sales Expert

"Yetunde's brand session was literally everything to me. It was like jambalaya soup. It was everything. Spirit is hard to express in words, the brand session pulls out who you really are."

Changa Bell
Changa Bell Yogi. Life Coach. Spiritualist.

“Yetunde’s professionalism and commitment in bringing my vision and brand to life has been outstanding. This process has definitely been a positively life-changing experience”

Eva Toby
Eva Toby Bestselling Author, TV-Presenter, Entrepreneur

"Having a step-to-step guidance in order to see and understand how I am fortunate to serve is a game changer...I would recommend this because it will help you have a map to work with so that you do not go to work/do things that does not serve your purpose."

Clemantine Wamariya
Clemantine Wamariya Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

"The purpose brand session helped crystallize for me who my main audience is, and how and in what ways I can best serve them. I am still processing it all but it gave me a new framework to consider my existing work and new opportunities."

Marianne Schnall
Marianne Schnall Founder and Executive Director at

"I would recommend this because more people should think about their personal brand and how the people in their circle are experiencing working, living or just being in communication with them."

Cheresse Thornhill
Cheresse Thornhill Former Nike Footwear Designer

"Yetunde's authentic branding session with me was organic and empowering. She helped me distill elements of my brand and my vision for my clients that I hadn't identified previously and provided the foundation for a new niche direction that I am currently building on!"

Ekene Onu
Ekene Onu Speaker, Author, Coach

“Yetunde’s purpose branding session was really the right amount of water to my concrete mix. It confirmed that even if you’re not communicating, you’re still communicating.”

Wesley Beattie
Wesley Beattie Freelance Videographer

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