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The ICY ACADEMY PERSONAL BRANDING MASTERCLASS is a self conducted online platform that shows you how to create a purposeful, fun and powerful personal brand that earns you profit, GUILT-FREE. You have multiple passions and you want to stream line it all, now what? You need guidance on how to tell one story and still do the beautiful things you enjoy that help people.

This workshop teaches you how to get crystal clear and start attracting your platinum clients. Incredible people who will pay you for the value of your services without questions.

I will share with you the key sales, publicity secrets and tools you need to start your “the sky is beginning” journey.With 7 courses and a bonus LAUNCH LIKE A BOSS this programs is designed to help you master the art of creating a powerful personal brand that is profitable. The program will take 30 days, with each module available every 3-4 days with a live Q & A every Saturday at 9:30am. If you are unable to watch live on the facebok group, you can call in to Uber conference at

URL www.uberconference.com/icyacademy Conference # 857-216-2287 PIN # 61713

Should you miss the live Q & A, the videos will be available for replay on our private facebook group. 


You will learn so much! Everything from zone in on your purpose, to PR strategies that get you in front of millions, 7 passive income options, sample letters for editors, how to find your target market, how to develop a purposeful campaign, social media tools etc, all from experts in the industry interview with exceptional women who are doing it WELL.


I am excited for you to get started! This program teaches you how to start living in purpose, helping people and making money UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

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